• Tecnare A.L.I.S. 15
  • Tecnare A.L.I.S. 15

The A.L.I.S. 15 (Arrayable Loudspeaker Integrated point Source) is a high-Q arrayable speaker, suited for a wide range of applications. ALIS15 series can be arrayed with a perfect coupling between array elements, avoiding comb filtering between horns. In this way single cabinets or pairs of cabinets can be used to deliver coverage only to desired areas, providing high SPL with perfect acoustic coupling. When compared to conventional line source systems, ALIS15 have the advantage of offering a perfect control over horizontal coverage with minimal reflections on walls, or interactions with other parts of the sound system. The horizontal wavefront delivered by the enclosure allows uniform coverage in increments. The ALIS15 offer extremely easy-to-use rigging, making the system highly versatile. System’sperformance is powerful enough to act as a main system, and at the same time versatile to serve in any number of supporting roles whether horizontal or vertical, flown or stacked applications are demanded. The wave guide design provide an extremely tight pattern control(100º x 15º).

The exceptional scalability and the ability to form small arrays of two, three or four cabinets with strict control of dispersion makes ALIS15 capable ofadjusting to any audience geometry, being the ideal choice for distributed systems in sports venues. Arrays can be flown horizontally or vertically, or stacked when needed. ALIS15 show no angle settings to calculate or spread adjustments to implement for each show, as these is already fixed. Tecnare’s DP4896 and DP2696 processors provide presets for ALIS 15 arrays to quickly optimize your system. With the Ease Focus 2 acoustical prediction program you can create accurate acoustic simulation. ALIS15 can be sold in passive version as well as self-powered DSP control ones. Active “A” version includes a factory preset setting of the speaker that assures a perfect sound. Active “PCC” version adds to factory preset setting the possibility of networking loudspeaker system control via software. PCC Technology transforms a standard powered speaker into an active device, namely a PCC speaker, controlled with a small laptop via software. A standard PCC speaker houses one or more module amps and a DSP processor. All these PCC speakers are linked by a network through a USB interface to the laptop. Once connected, we can control in real time all the parameters of each speaker. ALIS15 offer unbeatable audio performance for all kind venues, where polar control, high-output, lowdistortion, and the highest quality sound are required. Constructed of premium WISA birch plywood, ALIS15 enclosure are covered with a hard-shell finish coating. Rigging is made out of aluminum to lower weight and optimize weatherization.

Frequency Response:  48 Hz – 20 kHz ±4dB, measured on axys.
Nominal Dispersion:  15º x 100° @-6db points.
Impedance:  8 Ohm LOW, 16 OHMS HIGH. Passive version including passive filter under request.
SPL Maximum:  138 dB.
Power Handling:  #1110 W nominal. *2200 W continuos.
Dimensions (HxWxD):  800 x 450 x 740 mm.
Net Weight:  42 Kg passive, 45 kg active “A”version, 48 kg active PCC version.
Components:  “1×15” neodymium LF driver 4” voice coil, 1×1.4 ’’ exit, 3”voice coil, compression driver attached to a waveguide
“A” active version features a two way module (800w/8 ohms or 1200 w/ 4 ohms) + 100 w/ 8 ohms.”

Construction:    16mm birch plywood. Finished in blacksemi-matt textured Polyurea weatherized coating. Two recessed carrying handle.
Grile: Powder coated perforated steel with acoustically transparent reticulated foam.

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Tecnare A.L.I.S. 15

  • Fabricante: Tecnare
  • Modelo: A.L.I.S. 15
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Tecnare A.L.I.S. 15

Tecnare A.L.I.S. 15

The A.L.I.S. 15 (Arrayable Loudspeaker Integrated point Source) is a high-Q arrayable speaker, suite..

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